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What's your favorite food?



G: “I like all kinds of food! It’s not like it’s a problem… right?”

For the record, tacos ARE scrumptious. Foods are very diverse, after all! It all depends on your personal preference.

((The green dinosaur isn’t very picky with his choice of food. The finned dinosaur, on the other hand is a little brat who’ll only eat what he wants. The yellow dinosaur is very skilled in the art of food, but is also very picky with the quality of it.))

From pinkamenaandjackmod

Hey Purple! What if you were king of boxes?


P: “Have you just figured it out? Lovely. I was hoping to cover up my charade of normalcy for a while longer. (Phhttt, normal. I’m just as much of a king as the changeling-guy is. Not at all.)”

R: “I have been bullied.”

Exclusion is bullying. Stop harassing the red dinosaur! Make him the king of something, and do it quickly because his whining is becoming annoying. The mod also appears to be sartorially naive (can’t make clothes worth a shit, as evidenced by the purple dinosaur).

((This post is heavy in sarcasm. Please don’t be offended. If you’re easily offended, you probably won’t like my blog very much.))

From changelingqueenjess


hey shadowfoxsilver and youllbecriticizedanyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bringing sexy back *bleaches eyes* Thanks, toasterwing!
Take care and stay safe! I will make sure to fill your room with all sorts of different types of cupcakes while you are gone! Good luck with school! now i'm trying to picture all the dinos and the wyvern trying to fit into a normal school :D

Thank you very much! I hope I don’t develop type 2 diabetes… and I hope ants don’t get to the cupcakes. Best of luck to whatever you are occupied with, too! (The dinosaurs would fit, I’m just worried about wyvern. Speaking of wyvern, fizzywits is also back in school with me.)

From ask-keystar

Nobdody expects the spanish bananapie inquisision Fetch, the comfy chair


G: “You would need to learn Spanish if you want to go to Spain to start an inquisition. They wouldn’t take you seriously otherwise.”

Invest a portion of your budget in buying Rosetta Stones. Only the smart (or those with a way with brute force, or emotional and intellectual maniuplation) have a chance at ruling the world!

((I have to get used to speaking Spanish in my Spanish class, which is fine. At least I’m not in my first year. Also, let me know if my Spanish is off! I’m learning, and I would like to improve. I wouldn’t take any offense with it.))

From askbananapie


I will be starting school tomorrow. This means the following:

  • It is very likely that I will not be able to post daily as I currently do. Please do not bombard me with messages (I haven’t seen that yet, thanks :D). If worst comes to worst, the ask box will be temporarily turned off for indefinite periods of time.
  • I’m not very sure how often I will be posting. Aside from homework and extracurricular activities, please remember that I have a life of my own.
  • I will not update “as much as I possibly can,” but I will update as much as I possibly can without making myself feel uncomfortable. As all of you can relate, I am a human being.
  • Expect to see more paper drawings.
  • This blog is not my top priority.

I think some of you guys will also be starting school tomorrow, if it hasn’t started already (or if you’re starting later). HAVE FUN! Or not. Probably the latter.

I would apologize for the long and serious post that’s literally a huge wall of text, but it was necessary. Here’s an incredibly stupid joke:

Your teeth are like stars! They’re so yellow and distant from each other!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make much sense because stars are usually white, red, or blue.

Green, have you ever seen a golden banana?



His friend, the red dinosaur, is a banana collector!

((Drench the “golden” banana with preservatives so it won’t rot!))

From shadowfoxsilver

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